More Money, More Problems

In my previous post I mentioned that we were now $109K in debt because we bought a house.
What I forgot to mention is that if we pay this off in 30 years at the fixed 4.5% interest rate, we will actually be paying $230K ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
difference between rent and mortgage: $230
between the old water bill and new water bill: $20
old electric bill and new electric bill: $100
That adds up to an additional $450 in expenses, all with a ZERO increase in income.
I'm using my $200 per month from babysitting for groceries.
SOMEHOW we have accumulated $440.45 on our credit cards.
The interest on one card added up to $1.32 on one and $5.63 on the other.
AND I'M MAD ! ! !
I have NEVER paid interest on a credit card before, and this $6.95 is haunting me.
I'm reading up on strategies to get out of debt, success stories, frugal families and their frugal habits, gardening, homemade shampoo, and extreme couponing. 
I know, I know.
Even Dave Ramsey says that a home mortgage is the only "good" debt to have. But I still can't help but roll around in bed trying to decide if I should sell my plasma to help whittle away at that $440.45 ON TOP OF the $109K. 
BUT... God is getting us through this! We just received a check for $60 from our former apartment complex when they originally wanted $1400 for replacing the carpet (long story). And we've also received another check for $55 from the balance of our cable account when we cancelled it. We also received another check for something that I cannot remember right off hand. James will be getting a 3.5% raise in October and I will receive the balance of my financial aid then as well. Our electric bill is $30 lower than last month and I switched our home and auto insurance so our mortgage payments will go down. 
By the way, our mortgage will hereby be referred to as "Mort."
More later. Got homework.


Wow. Long Time No Post ! !

Since my last post we've been kinda sorta busy.
Caleb turned seven. Lily turned nine.
James is still a police officer and loving it.
I have seven more classes to go and I'll be graduating with an Associates in General Studies.
We bought a three bedroom, two bathroom house.
We love it!!!
(I've never been $109,000 in debt.)
(I'm tripping out.)
We adopted a transient. His name is Hunter.
It's been over 100 degrees for most of this summer in Texas!!
I hate it.
I still babysit.
My nephews are still adorable.
We took a two week vacation to California and Las Vegas. 
Be jealous.
And... that's about all for now!!