Grand Reopening

Well hello there!
Welcome to the grand reopening (??) of my blog!
Grab a cart! Take a look around!
There are many new items to view!

First Up....

Introducing.... Jaxxon Blaize!
Look at that hair!!

 Hubs tore his bicep. THAT was fun.

But he has had surgery to reattach it and everything is better. More to come about all that. But here is a nifty link because I took the time so click on it.

Moving right along....
I got a job, sitting at a desk, at a computer, not having to talk to anyone, doing my own thing, and getting paid $10.58 an hour! Whoop!

I'm still working out at the gym.... UUGGHH.

The kids are good. Growing up and all that.

I read online that mayonnaise is supposed to be very good for the health of your hair. So you know what I did... YOU KNOW. I ran a warm bath, soaked for a few minutes, and washed my hair. I used the mayo in place of conditioner.
And you know what stinks worse than mayo? WET MAYO.
And having to let it sit in your hair for five whole minutes.
Do you know what smells worse than five minute old wet mayo? Five minute old wet mayo THAT WONT COME OUT OF YOUR HAIR.
Then add seven layers of shampoo and you get one tasty treat for your pug.
China was LOVING IT! She was having a fit trying to get herself into the tub.
You know what? 
And, pugs have an excellent sense of smell for having such a short muzzle.
And, they're already like an effing three year old on a sugar high....
So you can imagine the situation I was in for a couple of days.
Yes, I learned my lesson.
More on pug later.

 And finally....
A cute nephew story.
Kashdon is the middle nephew. He is almost four.
The other night at dinner, his mother informed him that he would not get dessert if he did not finish his carrots. To which he lowered his head and said:
"This is some BULLSHIT."