Art (UN)Appreciation

So like, I KNOW I don't blog on a regular basis.
But now that I've started Art Appreciation AND my in-laws want to take a vacation one week into said college course, I won't be blogging *snicker* near as often.
Taking the vacation means that I will have to do two weeks of assignments/discussions/exams in ONE WEEK.
Here is my self-created syllabus for this week (try to follow along):

MONDAY: Read chapter one.
Write chapter one outline.

TUESDAY: Read chapters 2, 3, and 18.
Write outlines for said chapters.
Essay on the Critical Thinking PowerPoint presentation.

WEDNESDAY: Read chapter 19, write outline.
Read chapters 5 and 6.
Essay on another PowerPoint presentation.

THURSDAY: Write "What is Art?" discussion.
Write "Texas Virtual Museum" discussion.
Write "Why learn the visual arts?" discussion.
Each discussion must be 5-7 sentences long.
Must post quality replies to two of your peer responses PER DISCUSSION.
(That equals 9 total 5-7 sentence posts.)
Read chapters 7 and 8.

FRIDAY: Write "Critical Thinking" discussion.
Post 2 quality replies.
Read chapters 9 and 10.
Write "Virtual Museum" essay.

SATURDAY: Read chapter 11.

So, during the vacation I will only need to review for the first exam and take said exam.

Whenever-I-Remember-It Weigh-In 13

I fell off the wagon.
But not too far.
I'm still hanging onto a spoke in one of the back wheels.
(Go with me here, people!)
The length of my plateau astounds me.
Not exercising or eating right doesn't help to shorten it, I'm sure.

Weigh In: 210

Lost: 19

To Go: 31