Art (UN)Appreciation

So like, I KNOW I don't blog on a regular basis.
But now that I've started Art Appreciation AND my in-laws want to take a vacation one week into said college course, I won't be blogging *snicker* near as often.
Taking the vacation means that I will have to do two weeks of assignments/discussions/exams in ONE WEEK.
Here is my self-created syllabus for this week (try to follow along):

MONDAY: Read chapter one.
Write chapter one outline.

TUESDAY: Read chapters 2, 3, and 18.
Write outlines for said chapters.
Essay on the Critical Thinking PowerPoint presentation.

WEDNESDAY: Read chapter 19, write outline.
Read chapters 5 and 6.
Essay on another PowerPoint presentation.

THURSDAY: Write "What is Art?" discussion.
Write "Texas Virtual Museum" discussion.
Write "Why learn the visual arts?" discussion.
Each discussion must be 5-7 sentences long.
Must post quality replies to two of your peer responses PER DISCUSSION.
(That equals 9 total 5-7 sentence posts.)
Read chapters 7 and 8.

FRIDAY: Write "Critical Thinking" discussion.
Post 2 quality replies.
Read chapters 9 and 10.
Write "Virtual Museum" essay.

SATURDAY: Read chapter 11.

So, during the vacation I will only need to review for the first exam and take said exam.

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