Do I Look High?

This is an account of my evening shortly after taking my sleeping pill:
Man, I'm groggy.....
Guess Hebrews will have to wait until tomorrow.....
(clumsily put away Bible and notebook, sit on side of bed for 1 minute)
Man, I'm hungry.....
(stumble to kitchen)
Man, this light is BRIGHT....
(stare at contents of refrigerator)
Mmmm, milk.... What goes with milk..... cornflakes! Oh yeah!
(make ginormous bowl of cereal)
Hmm.... SUGAR!! Yum yum sugar yum yum....
(dive into gargantuan bowl of cereal)
This spoon is so small, I wish I had a bigger one.... Maybe if I pile it real high with cereal I'll make up for the spoon....
(drop clump of cereal and spoonful of milk on shirt)
(clean up mess, resume eating)
Man, this cereal is good....
(finish cereal)
Hmm.... more cereal! Yum yum cereal yum yum....
(start on another big bowl of cereal)
(throw rest of cereal out, groggily turn off light and go to room)
Wow, the house looks kinda cool in the dark.... kinda swirly.... wait..... am I high?!
(laugh uncontrollably in the dark for thirty seconds, stumble to bed)
Ha ha ha, that was SOOOO funny! I'm high, I think! Ahahaha!!
(start making mental checklist of "how to know if you are high")
Munchies... hrmm... half a box of cornflakes smothered in sugar would qualify... lights and colors extremely highlighted.... um, yeah....
(forget what I was doing)
Man, I'm tired....
(laugh uncontrollably again)
Man, I'm high off sleeping pills!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!
(fall over and go to sleep)
I guess that's why you're supposed to take 2, because only taking 1 leaves you in between sober and flat-on-your-face asleep, similar to the side effects of cannibis, our favorite little plant in high school. It was fun though!

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