Christmas 2007

Well Christmas this year went pretty smoothly. My kids made out like bandits, we traveled the prerequisite 800 miles, and James and I get some time away from the kids. True to tradition, here is a vague rundown of what we got:
  • Hi-Ho Cherry-O! -- The kids love the game, though Lily's sing song "Hiii Hoooo Cherrry Oohhhh!" can get a little annoying.
  • Two Candy lands, Twister Moves (should be interesting), Junkyard Jalopy and Littlest Pet Shop games.
  • A million Hanna Montana Barbies and a fully equipped Barbie house (so many small pieces....).
  • Four remote controlled cars, 80 Matchbox cars, and a Transformers bed set.
  • Candy, candy and more candy. Which reminds me, my parents always gave us oranges and nuts in our stockings... wtf??
  • Clothes, hair dowdies and hats.
  • Two race car tracks.
  • A bunch of other stuff that I can't remember.

    As for us, we got:
  • A wine rack.
  • PS2 games.
  • A family heirlooms fill-out book.
  • Money (always welcomed).
  • Candy, candy and peanuts.
  • Six rolls of wrapping paper for only 45 cents a piece from Wal-Mart's after Christmas sale (oh wait, I bought those... still exciting though!)
  • An extra six pounds. *sigh*
  • A collage from Melissa that is so cute!
  • Paintings that my grandmother painted that I have always wanted.
  • I got to see my babies!!
    We got to see a lot of family, friends and consume large amounts of food. I don't know why I gripe about Christmas, I always wind up loving it.

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