YAY!! A New Post!!

  • Greek yogurt SUCKS!!! It tastes like goat!!! And I've never had goat!!!

  • The stomach virus SUCKS!!! And no one will come over and let me give it to them!!

  • Kids and husbands SUCK!!! They didn't get the stomach bug!!!

  • Driving across town 12 times a week SUCKS!!!!

  • Having to write a speech about something that totally doesn't interest you SUCKS!!!

  • Make-up SUCKS!!!!

  • Fruit that makes my mouth itch and my lips swell SUCK!!!

  • Never seeming to find the time to blog SUCKS!!!

  • Christmas shopping SUCKS!!!!

  • People who update their Facebook 1,498 times a day SUCK!!!

  • Getting really into a blog and finding out that they only write every other month, and then remembering I have a blog that hasn't been updated in forever SUCKS!!!!

  • I can't think of anything else right now!!!!

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