The Potty Parrot

So my dad bought a house and is in the process of updating stuff around the place.
Making it his own, like any new home owner would do.
Very much his own.
If you have the privilege of using the facilities in his home, you will be greeted by the Potty Parrot: 

Yes, that is a Macaw wearing a beer box hat (representing his brand, yo). 
Now I don't know where he got the damned thing.
Or exactly how he snuck it past his girlfriend and into the bathroom.
Or how he made the damn hat that says "I've got your back, dude!" or something to that affect.
But if you're one of those people who tend to need a good twenty minutes per sit down, I would take care of business before heading over to Dad's.
Unless you like a colorful, silent, alcoholic bird staring at you while you do your biz.
Not that he is a horrible potty partner.
Just a little unnerving is all.

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