I think these are self-explanatory.
The first picture pretty much sums up my day yesterday when Caleb was on a terror. Where do I start? First, we went to Wal-mart, where he immediately announced "I gotta go potty!!" He has to go potty every. place. we. go. No kidding. Church, McDonald's, a friend's house, wherever it is he has to mark his territory I guess. Anyway, we get to the check out where he starts with the I-want-candy routine. After repeatedly telling him no, he takes his hand and swipes five boxes of candy onto the floor. Where did I get this demon child? So we make it to the register where he picks up the debit card pen-pad thingy and starts scribbling away. So I push him down a little further. There he reaches down and spins the plastic bag holder thingy while the cashier is putting stuff in a bag and slings my deodorant a good seven feet, where a kindly old lady picks it up. So I push him FURTHER towards the nail manicure place, and I guess the acrylic burned what be-good brain cells he had left cause the rest of my day was shot.
So we go get Lily and head home, and he falls asleep. When he wakes up I am in the shower, so I jump out and change him because he's peed his underwear (I was NOT going to wake him up to put a pull-up on him). Then I go back upstairs to get dressed. In those two minutes he empties two cups of marshmallows into a bowl, added water and a cup of sugar, and has placed it on his bedroom floor. So I pick up the bowl and discover sugar water all over the carpet, which has since made a sticky spot even though I cleaned it up. He also has sugar paste on his face and hair.
So I put him in the bathtub and go find my cell phone because right about now I need a drinking buddy. I go back about five minutes later and there's five gallons of bathwater on the floor. SO I get him out and dressed and make him help me clean THAT up. Then we all go upstairs because I need to get online but I want to keep an eye on them. They get out hot pink highlighters and paper and start to draw. The next thing I know, there are lovely pink swirls on my WHITE CARPET and bed sheets. Ggrrrr.
So I send them downstairs where he finds two plastic pots and starts banging them together relentlessly. SO I take those away. Now you may be asking why I haven't shoved them outside and locked the door. It was cold, and they both have a runny nose, and well I'm not THAT mean. Actually, I haven't located a suitable pediatrician yet.
Then Daddy gets home. YAY!! Everything gets better for a while. We go to Office Depot and James is looking for a card reader of some type, and the guy that comes to help us has a black patch over his eye. And of course, Lily says "Mom! Is he a PIRATE??"
So we went to look for green paper.
While carrying Caleb inside, he looks up and says "Mom, the stars are open! Look Mom!"
How cute.

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