That Holy Feeling 3..... And Then Some

Okay. So we've gotten moved far far away. Getting settled into a new routine, one of which is going from $2800 per month salary to $1600 a month. Yeah. So, we're trying to conserve whatever we can, cut whatever corners we can.
One biggie has been electricity, because with the summer starting I have this anal fear of a $400 electric bill. These last couple of days haven't been scorchers, but they haven't been pleasant either, at 69% humidity. Plus, our room is upstairs. I finally relented and let James turn on the air for a few minutes in the evening so he can get to sleep.
Yesterday, it was soooo muggy and hot I finally said to myself, Screw it! Turn on the air. God will provide for us. So I turned the air on. And guess what?
James came home that evening and announced he was getting a $2 raise!! Whoop whoop!! Hallelujah!!

Last week we went fishing with the kids at the local pond. We used corn and caught small perch, which wasn't much but the kids loved it! So did James; he's such a kid. When they caught one, we would all gather around and feel it's scales, etc. Well, they did. I don't do scales. Then the kid who caught the fish got to throw it back. A few days later we were driving somewhere and Lily saw that Caleb had a scab on his knee and said it looked like scales, to which Caleb replied,
"Well, I guess you haffa frow me back."

Today while leaving Walmart after another grand adventure, Lily asks me,
"Mom? How's it going?"
Are you kidding?? You escaped from the cart, terrorized the lobster, poked holes in packages of meat, picked up every box of cereal on the aisle wanting to (loudly) buy it, and added various items to the basket which weren't noticed until we enter the checkout line. (I SWEAR I didn't put those magnum condoms in there.... poor cashier.)

Last night James and the kids made cookies. He bought some pre-made dough and the kids helped him put it on the cookie sheets. When they were done I learned James had used the ice cream scoop to spoon the cookie dough, leading to the creation of brown-on-the-outside, gooey-on-the-inside monstrosities. They loved them. Yuck!!

We've been trying to teach the kids more bedtime songs because I'm getting tired of singing the same two over and over again. Last night we taught them "This Little Light Of Mine" and "I've Got The Joy, Joy, Joy." Caleb's rendition:
"Dis little life off mine
I'm gonna let it thine
Dis little life off mine
I'm gonna let it thine
Let it thine Lord let it thine"

Potty training is regressing. Caleb has stopped doing the poop dance, so I can't really tell when he needs to go #2 anymore. We've been changing pull-ups now for about a week, because rinsing out skidded underwear is SO not my thing. James was changing Caleb last night and Caleb kept swinging his legs around, and finally James said "If you don't quit I'm gonna lite your butt up!" to which Caleb replied "But ders no fire in der!"

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