One Year Anniversary

I just realized that March 12 was this blogs' one year anniversary, which is saying something because I have never kept a journal/diary/kill and or maim list for more than a week. I'm surprised I've kept my husband for as long as I have. To celebrate, I have composed a list of facts about yours truly because most of this blog is about the kids, and well, it's my turn!!

1. I'm almost finished reading the entire Bible.

2. I like to read, even though I rarely get the chance.

3. I believe in spirits, though I've yet to see one. But there was this one time when I kept feeling a presence run into my room and stop at the foot of my bed and "watch" me.

4. I have had dreams of events happening years before they happen. Like the house we moved into when I was 15; I had dreamed about it two years before. It looked exactly the way it did in the dream.

5. I have deja vu often, mainly about trivial stuff like James and I getting into a fight or getting a phone call at a certain time of day.

6. Therefore, I believe in people who have an ability to "feel" certain places and what might have happened there, but I believe it is a talent from God and He severely limits it. I believe it's not anything particularly paranormal, but simply God allowing us to use different parts of the brain together or separately. I don't believe in palmists, future-seers, mystic ball readers and those kooks at the end of those 900 numbers.

7. I like to think complicatedly and ponder things that most people don't get when I try to explain it to them.

8. I like to see things accomplished in an orderly, manner, i.e. laundry (washing, drying, folding, putting away), dishes (same), vacuuming, getting the kids up and dressed, etc. I like to do those chores myself not to get them done, but because it satisfies a certain OCD part of me.

9. I have a sequence I follow while showering, and not much interferes with it. I shave one body part every three days; hardly ever do I shave all parts of my body in one shower session.

10. I like the sound of someone typing, James playing his guitar, running water, wind chimes, and silence.

11. I like office supplies; paper, pens, spirals, binders, envelopes, markers, stamps, etc. I will often rifle the office supply isle at Wal-Mart just to look at the stuff. I like the smell of paper, erasers, new tires and new swim floats.

12. I hate the sound of someone rubbing the feet on the carpet, gulping, slurping, smacking, and any repeated nuance coming from a toy.

13. I have started several stories but never finished them, including six or so autobiographies.

14. I know I want to go to college, but not what for. I would like to work with finance but I don't really like numbers and math. I thought about psychology but I really don't want to hear about other people's problems. I would like to study the brain, but it's too complex.

15. The left side of my body is smaller then the right.

16. I taught myself to type by memorizing where the keys are, not by putting my hands on the keyboard in a sequential order and remembering "N is to the bottom left of J, which is under my right index finger."

17. Yeah, not many people know what I'm talking about.

18. I like to sleep, and for me to sleep well I have to be in total darkness with a fan being the only sound I hear.

19. I keep my nails short because if they are long, I am obsessed with keeping them clean and it starts to really irritate me.

20. I think a certain connection is formed in utero between a mother and her child, and men are just SOL.

****Notes From Mom****
Number 7 is true. Most of the time when you try to explain something, I'm thinking "What planet is she from?" But I often think that about Taryn too. Zac I understand. I may not agree, but I understand.

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