A Little Miscellany

I woke up a couple of mornings ago and found a whole roll of toilet paper unrolled into a half-filled tub of water. Apparently the kids had tried to take a bath but couldn't find the stopper, so they plugged the drain with the only sensible thing they could think of. (If it stops up the toilet, perhaps it will stop up this drain! We are geniuses!) So I spent the morning digging soggy TP out of a nasty drain, then I had to plunge it because some of it was still out of reach. Okay, I just didn't want to stick my finger in that far. So sue me! Caleb has also discovered the absolute joy that comes from pouring cups of water onto his foam mattress until it is thoroughly soaked and I have to drag it onto the porch to dry all day. The only reason that kid still has a butt is because his dad gets home at 4:30.

I have gotten tired of rinsing out sharted underwear, and have been trying to figure out a way to get out of this duty. I can't keep a pull-up on him because he uses it like a diaper and I'm back to square one changing him all day. Plain underwear is sharted in on an average of every 45 minutes. (In case you're wondering, "shart" is when you sh*t and fart at the same time.) Then it came to me....
I can just yank it out and replace it when it gets sharted on! Awesome!
So I get out my Kotex and put one on him, and it goes literally from his belly button to his lower back. I am a genius! All day went well, with the pad not sharted on, until we go to get him dressed for bed.
"Uh, babe?"
"Is my son wearing a, uh, pad?"
"Yes he is."
"Umm.... ok."
James is so good about going along with my experiments, although realizing his son wore his sister's shoes, had pink toenails courtesy of Nana, found an old purse of mine that he liked AND was wearing a maxi pad all day probably hit him a little below the belt. Poor guy.
Back to the pad. Caleb had peed in it. A good quart or so, which means he used the pad all day like a pull-up/diaper. Square one again.
And then it hit me...
Shorter, but still there to do it's job, it just might work....
I've given up on potty training for a while. Peeing is down, but pooing just isn't. He's started doing the poopy dance again, which is good, but when I sit him on the toilet he cries and carries on but doesn't poop. I've tried eveything. Candy, cookies, trips to the park, a new toy, horror stories about constipation, nothing works! And I'm tired. So, Daddy has poo duty for a while. He's even tried the you-need-to-feed-the-toilet story, I know it's so gross, but so far nothing.

James and I started a garden yesterday. I now have 18 plants at my mercy. Oh, and I found out yesterday that all 18 are annuals, meaning they don't last more than a year. I'll have to dig them up next year and replant them. Ggrrrr.

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