Conversation With My Body

Body: "Um excuse me, are you busy?"
Brain: "Why no, can I help you?"
Body: "Gee, I hope so. Uh, what is this?"
Brain: "What is what?"
Body: "You see that blob of orange mush over there in my stomach? What is that?"
Brain: "Oh, that would be a carrot."
Body: "A what?"
Brain: "A carrot. You know, the vegetable."
Body: "Dude, we haven't had a vegetable since we were seven. What's up with that?"
Brain: "Well you see, lately there has been a lot of fat lying around, metabolism isn't doing it's job too well, and let's face it, you're having trouble getting up the stairs in one piece."
Body: "Oop! That is not true! How dare you say that!"
Brain: "How often do you bring your clothes downstairs so you won't have to go back upstairs to get dressed?"
Body: "That's just good conservation technique."
Brain: "Yeah right."
Body: "Aahh!! What's that??"
Brain: "Looks like more carrot."
Body: "You can't do this to me!! No fair!!"
Brain: "Get used to a lot more vegetables AND fruits AND exercise. Need to get this fat moving around here!"
Body: "EXERCISE?? No, no I can't. I went for the water thing but I absolutely cannot do exercise. Nope."
Brain: "I have to get the fat moving because it's taking a toll on emotions and self-esteem. You're not doing a quick enough evacuation job."
Body: "Yes, I... I mean... I'm just pacing myself!!"
Brain: "Three years? That's called procrastination."
Body: "Pacing! Not procrastination!"
Brain: "Whatever."
Body: "Please! I swear, I'll.... I'll make you pay for this!"
Brain: "Really."
Body: "Yeah! You better watch your back, cause here comes a big... big COLD or something!"
Brain: "Careful, my pet. I can cut the oxygen supply real quick."
Body: "You... you wouldn't dare!!"
Brain: "Try me."
Body: "You're mean! You're... CRAZY!!"
Brain: "Just get that fat moving."
Body: "CRAZY! CRAZY!!"

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