Those Genes Look Good On You! 2

I had Lily's parent-teacher conference the other day. Her teacher commented that "Lily is the most interesting student I've had in a long time!" You should have to raise her, lady. You have NO IDEA. Trust me. Apparently when Lily transferred to her new class, she already knew all the stuff her new teacher was teaching the rest of the class, so Lily has been a little bored. They draw in a journal every day (I'll post pictures up later, she wouldn't let me take the journal, something about waiting until the end of the year, I think she just wanted it for herself, give it back!!) and Lily draws in 3-D, which her teacher said is very unusual. She also draws depth and draws letters in block form, also very unusual. But what was really cool was Lily scored a 676 on the STAR Early Literacy test, while the rest of her class scored in the 300-500 range. Whoop whoop!
This all brings me to questions like....
How do you raise an overly smart kid?
How do you keep them busy?
Do you follow their lead?
So she really does understand the Spanish she's been jibbering?
Is that why she's been hel! on wheels since the day she was born?
Did those falls off the bed when she was little have anything to do with it?
Can she get a job now?
Uhhhggg. This is all kind of overwhelming. But I do want to give a shout out to Nana who starting teaching her the ABC's at the age of 2. Kudos!

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