Modern Day Jonah 1

Wow! It's been nearly a month since I posted last! I'm sorry!
Just a snippet before I really get going:
Lily and I had eggs this morning for breakfast, and of course, she's asking all kinds of questions, like "Where do eggs come from?"
"The chickens lay them."
"Oh. Gross. Oh, and then they sit on them right?"
"I want to sit on an egg and let it hatch."
"You have to sit there for a long time for it to hatch."
"Well, you can help me. We can take turns!"
It took a lot to talk her out of sitting on an egg from the refrigerator.....

Anyhow.... The kids and I just got back from spending a week at my in-laws. While I was there, my brother Zac and his clan came down, and in the midst of all that hubalaboo I got talked into riding with Zac to Shreveport to get his car to my sister whom he is selling it to. (It was a complicated thing. I rode with them to Shreveport, they had a friend pick them up there and take them home, and I drove the car to Dallas while my mom drove my car with my kids to Dallas so that we can switch cars and she can drive it back and give it to Taryn. Whew.) So anyway, here comes Saturday. Who is going? Zac, his wife Raysha, their son Zayden and his ginormous car seat, Raysha's brother K (Not even gonna try to spell it cause I know I will mess it up. HINT: It rhymes with weigh-in.) and me. What are we cramming into? A 2000 Ford Escort. Let me try and draw you a (mental, since my stupid computer won't cooperate!) picture of what we all looked like in this thing:

I occupy the ENTIRE space between the car seat, door, and headrest. I had to raise a butt cheek and lean over the baby to shut the door! Zac (a.k.a. Long and Lanky) is crammed under the steering wheel, while poor K (a.k.a. L&L2) is folded into the opposite space as me. Raysha I guess was comfortable... I know Zayden was, cause he got a whole three square feet of seat. Hence the big smile on his face for most of the car ride. Why do car seats have to be so frikkin big?! I'm not even gonna try and illustrate the trunk, it was so packed I could hear the lid groaning. Now, we'll be crammed in here for a whole like six hours. LOVELY. Oh, and the best part? There's a DOG in here too! Sadly they had to leave the hamster. Bummer. Luckily Booger is only a four pound mini something and so he fits rather well in the confines of the abyss that is the floorboard, which I cannot see. I guess there was enough air down there to support mammalian life.
Zac had gotten two of the tires changed while they were down, so we thought we were set. Wrong.

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