Granny's Stuff

I love my Granny, but she just has too much stuff.
In the past five years our family has moved her three times, and every time I have been absolutely astonished at the amount of possessions she has. This most recent move my sister-in-law and I packed most of her belongings. Here's just a partial list of some items that we found:
  • Five pillows BESIDES the four on her bed, saved because "They're so comfortable and we got them for our 30th wedding anniversary and, well, I just need them." They'd been in a closet for two years.
  • Seven complete sets of full size sheets saved "Just in case."
  • 17 coffee cups
  • Three irons
  • Six bread pans
  • Ten purses to complement the over 150 (seriously) articles of clothing she owns
  • Over 20 pairs of shoes
  • Food in the refrigerator with expiration dates from 2005

We did manage to get Granny to give up a few things. Well, a few of the multiples. Then the other day, Mimi calls and tells me that Granny bought five coffee cups at a garage sale and also went clothes shopping! Am I the only one who is screaming OVERKILL?

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