That Holy Feeling 11 (Faith = Blessings)

Wow, I haven't blogged in a while.
Sorry about that.
If you haven't been keeping up, James and his good friend Paul have been in Georgia for pre-Iraq training since June. Recently we learned that they were going to get four days of R&R at the beginning of November. So my good friend Melissa, who is married to the good friend Paul, and I made plans to drive over and hang out with them during that time. Hang out. Ha ha.
--insert back story here--
Paul is the most unlucky person I know. One day there will be a massive alien attack on Mount Kilimanjaro with seven mountaineers all wearing orange and I can GUARANTEE that Paul will be one of them. He has been in the National Guard for four or five years now, and it has recently been determined that due to a massive error on his recruiter's part, his WHOLE CONTRACT has been invalid. For. Five. Years.
Basically, he went on deployments to Egypt and Iraq on his own volition. He could have said "You know what? I'm gonna blow this Popsicle stand!" and gone home. The. Whole. Time.
--back to original story--
After five years the Army people, or whoever is in charge of screwed up contracts, decide to offer him a chance to get out or get out and enlist active duty Army... two weeks before our planned trip. So if he got released before the trip, I would be flying to Georgia... by myself.
Changing planes three times... by myself.
Renting a car... by myself.
Finding the base.... by myself.
Having an emotional breakdown... by myself.
Of course James leaves the decision to come or not entirely up to me (thanks babe). So I consult Mom, and she tells me in a nutshell that this must be a test from God and that if I show complete faith in God and His willingness to bless us if we ask for it, He will indeed bless.
I am pleased to announce that as of today, Paul will not be leaving Georgia until after the first week of November!! Woo hoo!!
Praise the Lord!!!

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Monica Swain said...

Hey Girl. How are things? Going for you. I really like your blogs. You can be super funny. I have one on here of course I am not as good at blogging as you are but feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think. God Bless and Take Care. Monica, Mason , and Jenna.