Kids Are Great

I like my kids most of the time.
I think I may keep them.
Caleb likes to sit in the floor with some paper and highlighters and draw. He draws with such intensity that his tongue sticks out and follows the movements of his hand. Seriously. His thing right now is writing the alphabet, which he was doing when he looked up and said "Mom? How do you write a minnow?"
"Well, it looks like a fish, so..."
"No Mom, a MINNOW."
"No, like J, K, L, a minnow, P?"
I almost died laughing.
"It's not 'a minnow,' it's 'L,M,N,O,' three letters," I said.
"THREE letters? Awww, man!"
I figured out something spectacular this weekend.
Give them a Play-Doh set and my kids will play for literally four hours.
They've had Play-Doh before, what was the difference this time?
Perhaps the octopus that you shove full of Doh and squeeze out it's holes to make legs. Or poop, depending on how old you are.
Later on the kids were lying on my bed eating chips.
"Mom, what are potato chips?"
"They're made out of potatoes."
"No, what ARE they?"
"Uh, a chip?"
"No, I mean a GO, a WHOA, or a NO?"
(Which means, are they a good food, kinda good kinda bad food, or a bad food?)
"They're a WHOA."
"Awww, man!!"
Then Lily, with a mouthful of chips, exclaims "Man, this is the LIFE!!!"
"Sissy when I turn five I will be in the five grade."
"Yeah, and when I turn eight I will be in the eighth grade!"
"And when I get seventeen I will be in the seventeen grade!"
"I'm gonna live to be one hundred and be in the one hundred grade!"
"Me too!!"
I've been trying to decide what college courses I wish to take next semester, which means I need to decide on what degree plan I wanted to work for. I haven't figured this out in seven years. Kids have some crazy/cool ideas so I figured what the heck.
"Lily, what should I go to school for?"
"Um... to graduate?"
They kill me. They really do.
"No, I mean what kind of job should I have?"
"Um... be a mom?"
Do they read my blogs?
"No, like what job should I have and go to work doing?"
"Um... you should be a cake maker."
"Or... you could come teach at my school!!"
Then Caleb pipes up, "Or you could be a rocket launcher!!"

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