Family Ties

Today I'm participating in a mass blogging! WOW! Women On Writing has gathered a group of blogging buddies to write about family relationships. Why family relationships? We're celebrating the release of Therese Walsh's debut novel today. The Last Will of Moira Leahy, (Random House, October 13, 2009) is about a mysterious journey that helps a woman learn more about herself and her twin, whom she lost when they were teenagers. Visit The Muffin to read what Therese has to say about family relationships and view the list of all my blogging buddies. And make sure you visit Therese's website to find out more about the author.

Sometimes family ties can seem more like family anchors, chains, tethers, rubber bands... you know. Fortunately for me I have a pretty good relationship with all of my family. Also, fortunately, they are all varied and fun and odd in their own way. For today, according to the above, I would like to spotlight:
Daughters are great. Daughters are fun. Daughters are cute and sweet and THEY CAN DRIVE YOU INSANE. Now normally she and I can relate on the mother/daughter level, usually when she hoists herself up to my level and tries to push her limits. Which is a... daily... occurrence. But I love her anyway. In fact I find it quite humorous when she defends Caleb (MOM, don't blame him! He's just a kid!), plays peacemaker (Ok Caleb, now tell Mom you're sorry...) and boss (MOM, he doesn't NEED a time out!), or just plain defiant (I don't have to do homework today. Or EVER.). But my favorite role of hers is poor, pitiful, mistreated, unloved child. She usually pulls this at bedtime.

"Can I have ONE more hug?"
"Lily, I've already given you three. It's time to go to bed."
"Go to sleep Lily."
(You see, there never really is one more hug. It keeps going and going.)
--ignoring her--
--still ignoring her--
--still not saying anything--
"MOOOOM!! I have to tell you something!!"
"Go to sleep!"
"But.... can I ask you a question?"
"Ask me tomorrow."
Caleb: "Mom she won't be quiet so I can go to sleep!"
"He's being noisy too!"
"Lily you're the only one who is making noise!"
"But.... WAH!!!!"

So we play this game for about ten minutes until she decides her act isn't worth pursuing. It is especially humorous when she is really tired and throws in remarks such as "You don't EVER come in here!" and "But I won't stop crying until you hug me again!" But I have to remember that she's just a little girl and little girls have drama just like big girls. Little girls only have their mother to let it all out to, and that's okay. At least she doesn't pull the guilt trip thing a la Caleb. More on him tomorrow!

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