This One's For Melissa

Recently it has been brought to my attention that since I don't have anything to do all day, perhaps I should be blogging. That's what friend's are for, right? So here I go.

I DON'T have much to do all day since the kids and James started school. I have this whole 8 hour time block to myself, and while I repeated "I WILL WRITE THAT NOVEL" like a mantra, I just can't bring myself to sit down and write it. James and I are still getting up at 4:45 a.m. to lift weights and jog (JOG!!) on the treadmill. Exercise has made me feel sooo much better! But by the time I get back, shower and get the kids to school I'm really tired! This is also partly because I quit taking my Arson. I had to. It was like an addiction, seriously. If I didn't take it I felt cranky and if too much time passed I got a HUGE, BIG, BAD headache. I think I know how a migraine sufferer must feel. So the lack of major doses of caffeine hasn't helped either.

So anyway... umm.... Lily joined Girl Scouts. Hit us up for cookies around November, yo. Oh, and I joined the PTA. What I want to know is WHO THINKS UP ALL THESE FUNDRAISERS?!! GS is selling nuts, both kids are selling cookie dough and other sinful sweets, and we got a notice yesterday to start selling raffle tickets! And this stuff isn't cheap, either. Like $13 for 3 pounds of cookie dough, which I guess is ok, but $6 for 10 ounces of nuts? That's nuts!! So anyway if you need any nuts or cookies or pies or raffle tickets, hit me up.

We are slowly adjusting to life as a nuclear family away from the crutch of the in-laws. I am still trying to retrain James into his role as 24 hour Dad, including Rule 45: You cannot retreat to the bedroom when one or more kids start whining. And Rule 72: If I'm making dinner, doing the dishes and helping one kid with homework, yes, you are automatically nominated to wipe your son's butt.

Oh, and have I mentioned the INSANE stench that accompanies protein shakes? Oh. My. Stars. It makes the most horrid, disgusting, gag-inducing nasal assault ever known to man. And James has to have one DAILY. Something about building muscle? Must be the anal muscles because for a little while there I almost CRIED when he farted. The kids and I literally had our faces in our shirts. You could smell it when we opened the door. I'm pretty sure I've seen a couple of house guests grimace as the air freshener wore off. I also tried to take him to public places a lot, like church, where you can't fart, but then the built up ones in the car made the effort not worth it AT ALL. But it has gotten better with time. I guess his body is handling it and not just blowing it out of his tailpipe rather than digesting it. I swear, it was like I couldn't even get close to him without him farting.
"It's not my fault you activate my defense mechanisms!!"
---crying--- "Just make it stop!!!"

My Zayden went home to Italy!!!! I miss him soooo much!! I hear he and Kashdon are getting along though, and judging from his mother's MySpace updates (My life is pure chaos; Can't wait til Zac has a couple of days off so I can get a break from these kiddos; God, please let me keep at least 50% of my sanity; etc.) they're good at being boys.

Oh, and heads up ladies:
Yes, I've had those monthly horrors too, but please have the decency to clean up after yourself!!
What kind of heathen are you?!!
I am SOOO glad Lily chose the other stall.
Speaking of, when do little boys stop spraying urine like a fire hose?

In other news, I think James is trying to hint at more toys. He keeps Ebaying fancy holsters and giving me those fleeting "wonder if she's noticed" looks. He also needs a Blue Tooth, but so do I. So we need... Blue Teeth? Blue Tooths?? IDK.

OH, AND I got rear-ended a couple of days ago!! It didn't do any damage to my vehicle (must be that bendy-plastic bumper) but his truck was pretty dented. Another teenage boy! What is it with you?? Leave me alone!!

Ok. I have to go make brownies and clean the bathroom (see above) and think about the novel I'm not writing.
Happy blogging!!

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