Oh Me Oh My

Well, the past two days have definately been interesting......
Yesterday Caleb woke up with his right ear the size of a lemon! We think he got bit by something, but who knows. I took pictures after I got done laughing so maybe I'll post them later. That night he and Lily were taking a bath, and when Taryn went to check on them she yelled "Come look at what your kids did!" Oh, I can't wait!
They had taken down some 15 towels and had them in the bathtub with them! And not those dinky Dollar General ones, I'm talking the thick $8-a-pop towels! So we had to wring all of them out and wash them, fun fun! And when I asked Lily about it, she said "Caleb did it, but I told him it was a good idea!"
I had another poop escapade today. Caleb did his thing, then took off his diaper and foot-painted all over the bedroom and play room carpet. Then after I got done cleaning him up, he ran away from me and slipped on the kitchen floor, busting his top lip. Poor kid! Out with the stain remover.
Sunday is Easter, I can't wait to see what unfolds next......
(Oh James, where art thou?)

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