Top Ten Reasons Why I Love My Husband

10) He buys a motorcycle for $500, sells it for $200.

9) He's happy with just two kids.

8) 50 punds overweight? Rail thin? Doesn't matter to him!

7) He risks looking like a fool and tells his commanding officer that he's changed his mind about that whole volunteering-to-go-to-Afghanistan-for-a-year thing.

6) He joins the National Guard and forgets to tell you.

5) He says "Here honey, take the checkbook."

4) He pretends to be asleep when the kids get up screaming in the middle of the night.

3) Waist deep in sh*tty sewer water or clean cut in a BDU, he still looks sexy!

2) He walks with me in Wal-Mart even if I'm wearing three day old sweatpants and a stained T-shirt, with flip flops and unbrushed hair. And holds my hand!

1) Hair. Everywhere.

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