Oh The Insanity

Caleb is potty training. We've got peeing down, and pooping is coming along nicely. We're still working on "shaking it" after he finishes so his underwear aren't soaked by the end of the day. Plus, he was smelling like a vagrant. Oh, and "keeping it down." I love sitting on a wet toilet seat. Some cute quotes from our potty training:
"But I'm tired of dith poopin!"
"I gotta go to da bafroom! Turnnaround! Don't watch me!"
"It won't come out." --while looking at "it" and shaking "it"
"Da poopin and da pee peein will make me big and thtrong?"

Lily was making a pizza tonight, and i was telling her what buttons to push on the microwave. When I said start, she said
"Does it start with a S and a T and a A and a R and a T again?"
I love preschool.

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