Those Genes Look Good On You!

Caleb talks to himself. A lot. Maybe not abnormally a lot, but we're getting close. He talks mostly when he's playing by himself, and the conversation (can you call it that?) goes something like this:

Boom Boom Boom
Hear that?
Boom Boom
I see da dinosaur!
Run! Run!
Here he comes!
AAAAHHHHH!! He's gonna get me!!! AAAHHHH!!
He got me!! AAAHHHH!!
Chomp Chomp Chomp
He got you! Run, run!

So cute, huh? I pondered whether this kind of talking is healthy, so I tried to focus on playing with him more, but he just tells me to go away. So sweet. I've discovered where he gets it from though. His father. Here's a clip from James' conversation while he's on the computer:

Humming a song
I wonder where I could find.....
Oh, okay.
Wow! Look you can build it all right here!
Fire course, leadership course.....
Where's the.....
Here it is.
Hey wait a minute......
Oh! Go back......
Wait, maybe it's.....
No, it's not there.
But why is it?........
Crap crap crap!
Oh! I see! Hey babe, look at.......
Where do I......
Oh here we go. Bookmark it.
Ok, now what else.....
Oh yeah, a new truck.....

At least Caleb finishes his sentences. Good grief. I guess what bothers me the most is that I never know when he's talking to me or himself.
One more gripe:
There's something terribly wrong when I have to take hits off the air freshener every time he "drops the kids off at the pool." Am I right?

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