That Holy Feeling 9

Lily and I were conversing on the way home from visiting our family and she began to ask a lot of God related questions. It went something like this:
"Mom, what is the Holy Spirit?"
"It's the part of you that can communicate with God."
"How does it do that?"
"When you pray. The Spirit also helps you grow into a good Christian."
"Yeah. You know that little voice in your head that when you start to do something bad says, 'Oh, you better not do that!'?"
"That's the Holy Spirit guiding you to make the right decision."
"Do you have any other --"
"Mom wait!!"
"God is talking to me!"
"What's He saying?"
"I don't know, I have to listen!"
Then she asked a few more questions that I can't recall. If only she listened to me as well as she listens to Him.

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