The He-Child Understands

Recently the children have been asking questions about babies and how they are made, etc. I've told them the very basic things, nothing exotic (they've already found certain things they shouldn't have, you know).

About ten days ago my in-laws came home with a leopard gecko. Yeah. Can you feel my joy, people? The kids named it Yo-Yo, as in "Yo yo yo, what's up??" Yup, my kids are unique. She was really pretty and docile.
Until Caleb accidentally squeezed her too hard and certain insides that should remain on the inside wound up on the outside. Yeah. Yuck. We had her euthanized yesterday. But ANYWAY, back when she was alive (RIP) my in-laws took them to the pet store to buy some crickets. While they were there, they apparently asked how to sex a gecko. When they returned home, the following conversation ensued.

Caleb: "MOM. Yo-Yo is a GIRL."
Me: "Really?"
"Yeah. Cause the Peck Smark people showed us how to look and we looked and she's a GIRL."
"But we're not going to have babies cause you need a BOY to have babies."
"Yeah, and we DID NOT GET a BOY gecko."
"Why do you need a boy and a girl gecko to have babies?"
"Cause they are exactly like humans."
"Oh, so two boys can't have a baby?"
"And two girls can't have a baby?"
"So if a gurl human wanted a baby, what does she need?"
*thoughtful expression*
"A baby bottle."

Love. That. Imagination.

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