The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good:
The kids let me sleep in a little today, although Caleb did crawl in bed with me, and sleeping with him is like sleeping with a big sweaty gorilla.

The Bad:
When I woke up, Caleb was still in bed with me, but the other monster was suspiciously quiet. Walking into the kitchen, I see the refridgerator door is open.....

The Ugly:
Lily has made another meal for us all, which consists of two containers of strawberry yogurt, half a gallon of milk (yes, half a gallon of $3 milk!!), and approximately six eggs (hard to count the eggs, because all the shells were crushed and ground into her mattress).

The Fugly:
Besides the eggshell coating that her bedspread, sheets and mattress now sport, there is milk-yogurt goop all over Caleb's crib and his dresser that holds his sleepwear (ja-mas). The goop has been smeared all over the dresser, and has seeped into the drawers to coat his clothes. Goop on the wall, on the crib, on the crib bedding, and all. over. the. carpet.

What Mom Did:
I turned around and left the scene of the crime, letting Caleb finish the yogurt in the cartons with his hands. Then I sat at the table and had a cup of coffee. (Yes, Mom, the mess did get cleaned up!)

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