Electric Summer

Well, summer is here. Hip hip hooray for higher electric bills and poopy pool water! My May bill was $150, up from $140. My air conditioning is OFF and will stay that way for most of the summer, if I can win the battle with my sister and my mom. I swear, you'd think I was beating my kids! My sister will sneak the AC on when she thinks she's being coy. Like I can't hear! One time I came home to my mom and the kids eating candy with the thermostat on 70!! Good grief! I'm trying to convince Taryn that it being 97 inside the house is still better than outside where it's 110, and the constant sweating is surely burning calories.
Now before anyone goes calling CPS on me, let me say that my kids wear well ventilated clothing (bare skin) and swim on the porch in their little kiddie pool most of the day. Sometimes we even venture to the city pool for a dip. It's me you should be worried about! I can't get cool! There's something about my room, it attracts heat and hangs onto it. But this is where the computer is, and my big comfy bed. So I am sitting here sweating and typing and hoping I don't ruin the keyboard.
The other night I took to sleeping on the toy room floor. Bad idea. Not only did the air matress deflate while I slept, but what little sleep I did get was disturbed by my psycho cat and my in-laws yapping dog. We borrowed Chi Chi for a day because I know Phoebe gets lonely, and she likes to terrorize the poor chihuahua (yo quiero taco bell?). They were racing across my body yapping and hissing and clawing all night. I ran out of toys to throw at them around two a.m. I have a map of Texas highways on my legs now made by claw marks. Ugh. So I gave up and bought a big box fan at Wal-Mart.
Oh, and I slipped a disk in my back. Nothing big, but the doc told me to stop doing Tae Bo. It sucks! I went through three days of Tae Bo withdraw, where I would randomly yell "double time!" and burst into left and right jabs. So now I'm stuck. Running makes my legs fall off, pilates gives me hemherroids, and Tae Bo plays disk jockey with my vertebrae. What do I do now?! Taryn and I plan on walking this evening. Lets hope I don't lose an arm to power walking.
I don't have any real funny kid stories to tell. Lily tried to convince me she was really a boy, and Caleb and I are still struggling with potty training. I've whipped out the carpet stain remover again and attached it to my belt, because..... well, you can imagine. Those who have forgotten, please see my previous blog entitled "Worshipping Carpet Stain Remover."
Well I have to go clean up the off-brand Lucky Charms glob off my coffee table and carpet. At least milk is white! And I LOVE LOVE it when Taryn walks by me and says "Your son stinks" or "He just made a huge mess with that bowl of cereal" or my personal favorite "Go look what your kids just did!!"

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