Poo Art!

Yes, dear readers, this is a picture of dog poo. It was sent to me last night by my brother, who apparently inherited the gene that causes sudden, uncontrollable lapses of mental function. I thought only I and mother had it, but I guess it can jump futher than we thought.
I got Zac's text message to check my email, he'd sent a cool picture. So I log on, click and click, BAM!! This awesome piece of canine bowel sculpture appears before my eyes. My first thought was WTF?!! I checked the email bar; it had come from him. Then I think, well maybe it hasn't finished downloading yet. So I sit and stare at it for three minutes. Nothing changes. Now, as if the poo art isn't disturbing enough, it is uncannily highlighted by the Eddie-didn't-make-it-to-the-bathroom-in-time, gag-inducing GELLOW carpet (is it green? is it yellow? it's gellow!). Oh MY gosh, Zac you have to get this fixed. It's HORRID. I find looking at the poo easier then trying to look at this carpet. Maybe the dogs were trying to make it look more appealing? Or maybe they hate it so much that the only way to show their disgust is to crap on it. That's bad. I'm surprised that his pregnant wife can look down and not throw up.
To the dog's credit, it does look humanoid. Which prompted my next question: was that layout natural or did Zac "help"? Hey, he did take a damn picture of it.... He said it was natural (BIG sigh of relief). Maybe he's bored. Maybe he needs to make some friends. One thing I do know, he and his wife need to go shopping for wall-to-wall oriental rugs PRONTO!!

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