Sunscreen.... And Other Things

"Zac realized  the HARD way that sunblock only works if you use it PROPERLY. Maybe next time he will read the instructions!"
I like this picture for a number of reasons. First, the baby-blue-with-fluffy-clouds comforter. Say it with me people: MUY MACHO. It maches the carpet nicely. Second, I see no poo art in the photo. Whew. Third, the tall lobster. Oh wait, that would be Zac..... The unnatural color nicely illuminates his freckles. I really like the stark-whiteness at the top when it is catapulted into a wall of red. But what I REALLY like is the hand-slap marks of white where he attempted to apply sunscreen on his sides. I guess his hands aren't as big as he thought! Hopefully next time his wife will accompany him to the beach so people won't mistake him for the main course.
On another note, Lily and I have been combatting her first adolescent stage. You know, the attitude. From back talking me to yelling at her brother, I've just about had it. So I sat her down and explained what attitude was, gave her some examples, and told her the puishment for said offenses. We were getting into the car later on and she had yelled at Caleb and shoved him aside and barreled into the car ahead of him. While I was buckling Caleb in, I told her to watch her attitude, to which she said "Mom, I'm sorry for attituding to you." You just can't stay mad at a four year old.
We went to a birthday party for Lily's cousin Ana. She had gotten a trampoline for her birthday, and the poor little girl had to combat Lily for her rights to jump. Then while Ana was opening her gifts, Lily jumped on the trampoline singing her Broadway tunes. Here's what I caught: "Iiiii'm at a biiiirthday paaaarteee, for Aaaaannaaaa, haaaaappy biiiirthday Aaaaannnaaa, she's opening her preeeesents, and I'm juuuuumping, yeeeaaahhh!!" The next day at church, she just HAD to wear that stinking birthday hat to Sunday school (thanks for passing those out). They made a crown during class, and I woke up from my afternoon nap wearing it. Apparently I was the mean queen who tormented little children in her sleep. Oh yeah!
I know I haven't written in a while, but I promise to get some more anecdotes up soon!!

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