Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Dying

Dear Body,
It seems you and I have come to the same crossroads as the cat and I. Now I know I've done some pretty bad things that you may hold a grudge for, like getting pregnant at 17, Butterfingers, some drug use, ice cream, odd piercings, Cheetos, a second pregnancy..... I know, I KNOW. But good grief, this tops them all! WHY OH WHY must we have the flu AND menstruate at the SAME TIME?!!! Wouldn't it be easier to take things one by one? I mean, you've been barraging me for the last three months with menstrual issues, so I figured that when I got the flu you'd keep yourself occupied in THAT area and kinda forget about that OTHER area. You know, get yourself well before waging another war? This is not fun. Can't we work something out? Write back soon.

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