Hello, wonderful audience!
Sorry I haven't been posting. I've been really not busy. Well, kinda.
First, James came home! Woo hoo! For three days! Now he's in Utah! Ugghh!
Talk about falling in love all over again.
He was scheduled to arrive at 3:30 A frikin M, so the day before I drove to the Hood and spent the day with Melissa, the wife of James' friend. We had a blast! I can't think of a store we didn't go to. Wal-mart, Dollar General, Hobby Lobby, Olive Garden.... ok, maybe I can. Then we bought a bottle of wine and went back to our hotel room to sip and watch t.v.
Ok, the instructions said "Hold bottle firmly while twisting cork." So I did, and nothing happened! Then I noticed the wire thingy, which I should have seen sooner cause it was raking the crap out of my hand while I tried to twist the cork, so I start to take it off the neck of the bottle and POW!!!!!
I nearly take Melissa's eye out with the cork. Great way to start a friendship, huh? So we drank a little bit and watched t.v. and tried to sleep but couldn't. Then we got ready and went to get the guys. It's funny, after 6 months of being away I felt like a teenager in high school! I primped and propped (those who know me know I DO NOT primp) and sucked in my gut and practiced walking and smiling and laughing. The whole time we were waiting for them I was rehearsing how I would elegantly (and skinnily) prance down the bleachers to greet him. It was retarded!
So they guys finally come in and get into formation and of course some big shot has to talk, thankfully for only 10 minutes. Melissa and I didn't really hear much cause we were trying to find our husbands. I really couldn't tell who was who, and Melissa was like
"I've never met James before, but I'm pretty sure he's the guy in the front that keeps looking at you."
LOL. Then the guys are dismissed and I have to put my shoes on cause they're too small and I had taken them off and I guess I was taking too long cause Melissa almost pushes me down the bleachers on her way to greet her hubby. James I think teleported to the top of the bleachers where I was cause I didn't even have both shoes on and he was up there.
AHEM. Fast forward to the next day. We spent the three hour ride home catching up, and the next few days rediscovering what features of one another we love (getting the kids off my hands) and just plain put up with (snoring!). It was great. He'll be home in a couple of weeks. He has to go learn how to be a sergeant. Woo hoo, finally a promotion!!!
We plan on going skiing when he gets back with Melissa and Paul. Well, the guys are going to ski. The wives will build snowmen safely at the safe bottom of the mountain. Should be nice and CCOOLLDD. I hope we plan on hot tubbing often.
****Notes From Mom****
I'm so proud of my naive firstborn..she doesn't know that "wine" that pops its cork is actually champagne.....(Luv, Mom)

Ok, like how was I supposed to know that?? It didn't say champagne on the bottle. Guess you have to "know your pinot noirs" to figure that one out!

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