First Grade Drama

Good grief.
It's starting already.
Today Lily came home and said that her and Sierra weren't friends any more. She says Sierra accused her of making "love signs" to Fernando behind her back. Lily INSISTS she didn't. So the friendship is null and void.
Until tomorrow I'm sure.
I don't know what it is about dating and marriage that Lily gets so defensive about. In kindergarten she was all about having a boyfriend, but now she isn't. Which is fine with me. But I still wonder. She actually gets hostile when we tease her about growing older and dating someone. Lily said to me that she doesn't want a boyfriend because she doesn't want a husband because she doesn't want children. When I told her that you could have a boyfriend and even a husband without having children, she became very interested. She didn't ask how (thank you Jesus), but it piqued her interests. Then I asked her if she was going to be a nun.

"What's a nun?"
"She's a woman who loves God and serves Him, and doesn't get married or have kids."
"Huh. But can you be a nun and a veterinarian?"
"I'm sure you can."
"And what about a cook? Can I nun be a cook?"
"Yes, a veterinarian nun cook sounds like a good deal."
"Well... okay."

Lately the kids' "big thing" has been fishing. They cycle through interests just like they're Daddy! So a couple of days ago I walk through the kitchen... and stop. And do a rewind. Sitting on the table is a spittoon with several minnows and nasty river water in it. GREAT. When I place them outside on the porch my kids have a heyday.

"MOM! Those are for Phoebe!"
"Yeah we're gonna give them to her on her food in her food bowl when they DIE!"
"Yeah and they're gonna DIE SOON!"
"Well, dying fish don't belong on the kitchen table."
"But they won't be there long!"
"It doesn't matter. They can't be on there."
"Is that a rule?"
"In the book?"
"It sure is."
Glad they didn't ask for a page number.

The He-child has gotten better about pooping now that he's getting paid to do it. Sigh. Six poos gets him a whole quarter. Woo hoo!!

I am getting conflicting results from my children regarding my weight loss, which is still at 220 by the way. Lily tells me, "Wow! You're like, not getting fat any more!" while Caleb comments that "I could ride a sheep, but you would have to ride a cow because you butt would KILL the sheep." At least he didn't say I would have to ride a dinosaur. And what's up with my kids obsession with death lately? Everything is dying, dead or coming back to life. They can't seem to understand why I don't exactly enjoy them running down the isle at Wal-Mart screaming, "GET BACK HERE BEFORE I KILL YOU!!"

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