Weekly Weigh In (I Lost Count)

Okay so I haven't had a weekly weigh in for like, two weeks. That's because I am ashamed to admit that I fell off the wagon. Or should I say the treadmill? Yeah. But I'm back on it now, sweating my self to death and yet I am STILL at 220.

Lost: 10

To Go: 40

Is it just me or is everything a lot more expensive than it should be? Am I too frugal not to pay $10 for a shirt? Or $35 for jeans? Or $50 for shoes? This topic came up when my Mom mentioned she hadn't bought new winter shoes this year. I was like, what? You have different shoes for each season? That doesn't make any sense! Sneakers for summer, sneakers for winter, flip-flops for lazy, sandals for dressy. I will admit that I have more than four pairs of shoes, but only because they were either given to me or cost less than $5. Seriously. I'm so frugal I balk at paying 42 cents for a stamp.
I don't mind paying what I consider big bucks for certain things. For example, I paid $300 for the treadmill because I consider it an investment in my health. I also pay $18 for Olay facial moisturizer because it keeps my acne away and one bottle lasts for two months. I'll call that an investment in younger skin when I get older. I let James buy his body building supplements because it has benefits for me as well. Those are the only things I can think of at the moment!

A recent headline on Yahoo stated that people with higher IQ's live longer. Um... duh. Why do you think I don't go play in traffic? Good grief.

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