Almost Killed My Cell Phone

So one day I got this AWESOME idea to get a few tattoos.
Okay, so I've had the idea for a while.
I've just been waiting for the right design to stumble upon.
And these are what I got......

The first are Littlest Pet Shop characters on my right shoulder with the kids' first initials.
The second is on my right hind hip, and is the same one my sister has inked on her body.
Cause you know, it's not enough to go through three months of barfing, six months of carrying around a moving watermelon, gaining ten pounds of water weight IN MY FEET, and then squeezing them out of a hole that NEVER should have been given that assignment....
you have to get shredded with a needle and ink pumping 254 m.p.h.
And squeeze your phone in an effort to redirect the brain's HOLY HECK THAT FRIGGIN HURTS!!! train of thought. I love them!

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