A Wife of the Curious Sort

In the fine print of our unspoken marriage agreement it clearly states:
"Wife may change her mind and/or invent very weird things to do/accomplish/demolish, with no retaliation from the Husband allowed."
I believe he has the same stipulation, but with a clause:
"After nine such ideas/statements of intent/upheavals, Wife has sole right to make executive decisions regarding marriage/children/sex. Mainly sex."
James has decided on what he would like to do career wise once he returns home.
Drum roll please......
Police Officer.
Okay. I could possibly do that.
I mean, the po-po don't get deployed.
But they still get shot at.
Maybe I should quit thinking so much.

If you didn't already know, Art Appreciation SUCKED!!!
It was all appreciative and stuff!!!
In four weeks we had 3 tests, 1 PowerPoint presentation, 6 essays, and 14 chapters to read.
But I got through it.
And after some prayer I have tentatively decided to take a semester off and commit to writing.
Writing what? I dunno.
But I have a few ideas rolling around in my head.

And my in-laws got a new Chevrolet Traverse.
Because, long story short, my brother in-law um.... disabled the Suburban.
I'm so jealous.
Not of the wrecked car.
Of the new car.
But I made them promise we get it in their will, cause my husband was the first-born.

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