Cause I'm Feeling Like A Criminal

The kids and I got back yesterday from visiting my Aunt Judy and clan for the weekend. It was filled with zucchini, politics and swimming. Awesome!
Oh, and a ticket.
Technically, for "failing to move right/left with safety."
I like "the kid got in my way and I took off his side mirror!"
But I have a good excuse!!
A cop had just pulled onto the highway behind me, so I was reminding myself to be sure and use my blinker when I pass the semi-truck so that I wouldn't get a ticket, and .... I didn't see the car beside me and got a ticket anyway.
So really, it was the cop's fault.
But we were only going like 15 m.p.h. so I only got a black plastic smear on my door.
He lost a whole mirror.
So anyway, the lights start flashing and we both pull over and my kids... well, you know my kids.

"Mom? Why are you pull-- MOM! There's a COP behind you!!"
"What did you DO?!!!"
(It was so minuscule an incident they didn't even feel me bump the kid with my car.)
"MOM!! You're gonna go to JAIL!!"
"Hurry up and GO! You can LOSE HIM!"
Good grief.
"He has HANDCUFFS!!"
"And a GUN!"
"But Mom I don't WANT you to go to JAIL!"

After assuring them I was not going to jail, we did the whole "what happened, were you hurt, do you have insurance, are the kids okay, here's your ticket, sign here" stuff. Meanwhile, the Kid calls his Mom cause I guess even if you have a driver's license you still need Mom to come back you up if a mother of two decides to put the smack down on you on Loop 322. So she shows up, all huffy and stuff, and says to the cop:

"So you were a witness, right? I mean, she's gonna get charged and not him, right?"
Oh good grief.
"Cause his Dad is really chewing him out right now and I don't want anyone to get blamed...."

So I apologize and she starts in with the 20 questions and the Kid tells me it's okay and leads his mother away.
Which is good, because I can TOTALLY smack some down.
With my mind, anyway.
So with a little Defensive Driving and a phone call, I'll be returned to my previously unmarred driving record.

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