For Thoe Who Lost Track

Since Lily has a different biological father than Caleb, she has twice as many grandparents as he does. But they claim him too, which is cool. For the purposes of this blog, we'll call her biological father "Bio" (original, huh?).
For those who lost track of who is who in my children's world (after all, don't we revolve around them?), I've composed a list of relatives and their nicknames.

James' parents: Pa Pa Princess and Nana (because Pa Pa is always calling her his little princess)
My mom and step-dad: Mimi and Pa Pa Badboy (he's a police officer; COPS theme song; get it?)
My dad and step mom: Pa Pa Pumpkin (He-child's translation: Pa Pa Pookin) and Grammy (because he always calls her Pumpkin)
Bio's mother and step dad: Other Nana (when you already have one, the next can only be the "other", right?) and Paw
Bio's sister: Aunt Lissa
Bio's grandmother: Great Grandmomma

There you have it folks, but before I retire I thought I'd throw in another Lily-story:
We were looking through some old photo albums, her pointing to the people pictured and either naming them or asking who they were. We came upon a picture of myself and Bio hugging each other on the couch, and Lily says accusingly "Mama! THAT'S not DADDY!"
"I know baby, that was someone I knew before I met your daddy."
"Whew! That was a close one...."
Shoot, I couldn't get away with it even if I TRIED!!

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