Kids Are Funny... So Are Moms

I recently overheard this conversation between my kids.....
(both quietly playing)
(scream from the he-child)
"La-lee! Geh back! Geh back La-lee!!"
"Oh! Caleb, you can talk! Here you want this back? Here you go." (said in a little sing song like way, which is how her part of the conversation goes)
"Welcome." (He-child's way of saying thank you.)
"Caleb! Can you say Lily?"
"Good boy! Can you say Nana? Say Nana!"
"Great job! Say Mama!"
"Cool! Say Daddy!"
"Good! Now say Pa Pa Pumpkin!" (Long story, see the above blog....)
"Pa Pa..... Pakun!"
(She-child gets up and runs into my room)
"Mom! Did you know Caleb can talk like a real person now? He can talk like you and me!"
(She-child conveniently forgets He-child has been making fairly legible sentences for about three months now....)

The other day Lily sat down beside me on the couch and said
"Mom, I'm not gonna say sh*t any more."
"Ok, then don't say it."
"I'm not GOING TO say sh*t any more!"
"Ok! Then quit saying it now!"
-Huff- "Mom! I SAID I'm not GOING TO say sh*t any more!!"
-moment of silence-
"Well, I just wanted to tell you I'm not going to say sh*t any more."
-gets down and runs off-

I got out of the shower yesterday and was drying off when Lily came into the bathroom (Ever notice that once you have kids, dressing and peeing in front of another human being is no longer taboo, as long as they're less than 36 inches tall?) and said, "Mom, you have a fat tummy!"
"Did you know I have a fat tummy because of you?"
"Yeah, when you were in my tummy you got really big and stretched it out, and that's why it's so fat."
-sits and ponders this thought-
"Well that's cool."
-returns to the play room-

Today I was talking on IM to my mom, who is thoroughly amazed at the whole concept of instant messaging. I'm constantly getting messages like "Hey! I can change the color of the words!" or "Look at these cool smiley-thingies!" My mother's loss of.... reasoning? youth? memory giga bytes?..... has been a unique experience, and I can't wait to torment my kids. Anywho, she told me Taryn (my sister) had asked her for mom's friend Karen's address, to send a graduation invitation. So mom typed it into the email..... and sent it to Karen. In case she forgot. Then she realized her mistake, copied the email..... and sent it to herself. In case she forgets. (Maybe Mom is just planning for the inevitability of our minds to start dumping infrequently used data..... I'm glad she thinks of others as well as herself.) Finally it reached Taryn's inbox, but not before I finished laughing my butt off.

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Christian Mom said...

Kids do the darnest things.