Tae Bo

So I've been doing Tae Bo daily now for a week (yah!), until Sunday, my day off. And Monday was my birthday, another day off. Tuesday the VCR broke; another day off. So here comes Wednesday, time to get back on the horse......OH MY GOSH. I seriously almost DIED. I didn't even get through the stretches and I was huffing and puffing. I paused the tape twice to catch my breath, and I've only done that once before! I'm glad no one was home cause I was sweating like a stuck pig, grunting with every effort, and farting with every side kick. Can you imagine what I sounded like? -uh- -pfft- -uh- -pfft-
I know Lily would have been cracking up. And double time? -uh uh!- -pffft pft- -uh uh!- -pffft pft- I was getting mad at myself because I couldn't keep up, so I decided to pretend that with every front kick I was kicking Billy Blanks in the unmetionables. I must have gotten over-enthused because I hit the tv and nearly knocked it off the cardboard box it sits on. No, I haven't recently moved. That's about as sophisticated as my entertainment center is going to get for now.
But there is a plus side to all of my hard work. My arms aren't flabby anymore, and my legs are a little trimmer. But this gut! It's not going anywhere! Just jiggle jiggle jiggles through my workout and won't lift a finger to burn some calories. Dumb fat.

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