Ghost Town

There's a restaurant in town that has gone by many names but has kept one feature: a ghost, supposedly. One named Norton. The restaurant is currently an Italian venue (much to my diet's dismay) and last night we were dining (gorging) there when Caleb mentioned Norton.
"Mom, where does Norton live?"
"Norton is not real."
"Yes he is my principal told me about him!"
Lily: "Caleb! Did you hear that?"
"A scary noise!"
"What noise?"
"Like wooooo!!"
"Oh! I hear it! I hear it!"
Caleb: "I heard it! I heard it that time!"
Lily: "Mom! Where IS he?"
"He lives upstairs."
"I thought you said he wasn't real!"
"Then why did you ask?"
"Can we go up there?"
"Why not?"
"Because there's no stairs."
"Yeah there are, right there in the ceiling!"
"That square in the ceiling, that's where they pull the stairs down and go up there and see Norton!!"
"So can we go?"
"Hey Caleb I know! We can go up there tonight!"
"Mom can take us!"
Mom: "No she can't."
Caleb: "We'll get Uncle Jason to go!"
"But won't the ghost know we are people?"
"Yeah... I know! We can wear our Halloween costumes!"
"Yeah! Then the ghost won't see us being people he will see us being monsters and come out to meet us!!"
"But what if he sees our shoes and thinks we're not monsters?"
"We can just wear socks!!"
"Good grief..."

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