In My Opinion....

  • .... if someone closes a child support case against you, you should be GRATEFUL and say THANK YOU!

  • .... if you offer soldiers a way to put part of their paychecks into a savings account that earns 10%, you shouldn't make it so complicated that they can't take advantage of it!

  • .... if all of the modem lights are green and your computer says it's connected to the Internet, but you still can't check your email or log onto Messenger to talk to your deployed husband, Verizon shouldn't expect a very happy customer!

  • .... if you make and drink all of the Folgers in the house, you should buy another canister!

  • .... if the economy is in the gutter, don't hold out on passing legislation for no good reason!

  • .... if you use the toilet, FLUSH IT!!

  • .... if your four year old boy has turned up the volume on the t.v. and closed the door to his bedroom, don't expect a happy ending!

  • .... if America elects a black president GET OVER IT!!

  • .... if you delete me from your Myspace and expect me to be insulted, you will be sorely disappointed!

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