Things That Have Been Bothering Me Lately

Why do women have to be pregnant for so long?
Who the heck invented CHERRY Pepto-Bismol? Seriously!!
What the heck does BINOMIAL mean? BINOMEANS you will understand Algebra, that's my guess.
What about RADICAL? It's RADICAL that you think you can do this after not being in a classroom for nine years!!
And how about LINEAR EQUATION? I can't even think of something witty for that one!
Why does mail take so long to get to Iraq?
Who invented the TI 83 and why did they think a calculator needed three functions for EACH BUTTON? Easy to use, psh.
Is it really necessary to sweat when you exercise? Really? Isn't there a better way?
Just because Albert Einstein could work these problems doesn't mean everyone can.
If you can't tell, I've been having a little trouble with College Algebra lately. I haven't been to a math class in nearly NINE YEARS because the last two years of high school I wasn't required to take a math course. That's Paint Rock for you. How did I manage to graduate? Anyway, the first assignment in Algebra is chapter one, which is a "refresher" chapter intended to wake up your mind in preparation for what follows. We were given two days to complete this 100 page chapter, and I don't even recognize this crap. Given the instructor won't even review this chapter before moving on to bigger and harder things inclines me to DROP THIS COURSE and enroll in a remedial one. GO ME.

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