Weekly Weigh In

So my friend Melissa and I decided we needed more motivation to lose weight, so we came up with a bet: the first to lose 50 pounds in six months wins $200 from the other person. So far, so good. It goes without saying that I am highly dependent upon the Lord for guidance, persistence, and to hide the cookies. Seriously. If God hides them, there's no way I could find them, right? So besides killing myself for 20 minutes almost every day on the treadmill, I've cut my portions down drastically and suffered as I watch my kids eat Hershey's. On the treadmill I imagine I'm walking to Iraq. Sometimes it helps. Most of the time I try to keep from looking at the timer every six seconds. I am impatient, especially when I can't breathe.

Weekly Weigh In: 224
Lost: 6
To Go: 44

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