And I Thought Texans Were Odd....

This past weekend I went with my Aunt Judy to Shreveport, Louisiana to pick up my sister. We left at eight in the morning and talked the whole way about life and politics and stuff. And let me tell you, east Texas has some huge trees! I'm talking three stories tall! And grass, y'all! Real, live, green grass! It does exist! It's pretty!
So we get to Shreveport and we have to stop cause we're both women who have had children and we can't go eighty miles without peeing somewhere. I go inside and there's a line for the bathroom, a man and a woman and me. After standing there for about five minutes, the guy in the men's bathroom comes out and about that time a little old man runs around the corner and rushes into the bathroom ahead of the guy who was waiting. What did the man do? HE FOLLOWED THE OLD MAN INTO THE BATHROOM. A single bathroom, not one with two or three stalls. Then they shut the door! And I'm guessing since neither one came out and the snippet of conversation I unwillingly overheard (something about a lot of water), they peed together! Aaghh! This is not right! Thankfully the women's bathroom freed up pretty quickly, as I felt akward standing there knowing there were two obviously unrelated guys peeing in the same toilet not four feet away from me.
All went well until we had to get to IHOP. We got off at the right exit, observed the restaurant a small distance down the access road, and went straight, only to find ourselves on the interstate again!
"What happened?" Judy says.
"I dunno," I reply.
Two miles and six turns later, we find that to access the access road that IHOP resides on you have to turn right onto another road, then turn left again. Which looks like a straight shot when you're on the first road. Only in Louisiana do you have to turn RIGHT to go STRAIGHT.
So anyway. We eat and go along our merry way. All is well until it starts raining in Dallas. I might want to insert here that my aunt is a slightly erratic driver as it is, and when you add pouring rain, 70 miles and hour and bumper-to-bumper traffic.... I thought I was gonna die. But we made it through. Shopped a little.
We got back into Abilene arount 11p.m. and discovered we were locked out of my aunt's house. After not much debate, we decided not to sleep in the car in the garage because it's cold. So now, road tripped, tired, hungry and frazzled we're trying to find a cheap hotel to stay in. Long story short, we found one and got a good night's sleep.
And that was my vacation!

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