That Holy Feeling 2

I'm reading the Bible not to gain all of its wisdom at once, but to be familiar with the text as I go back in my studies and.... well, study it. I read the book of Jonah last night, and I had to laugh at this.
Jonah is angry with God because after fleeing from Him, enduring a horrible sea storm, three days inside a whale, a whale vomiting him up onto a shore, travelling to Nineveh and warning them of their impending doom, God decided to spare a wicked people. Hey, they repented, why not be merciful? So Jonah is very angry and he cries out to the Lord basically griping about his long trip for nothing. And in verse 4:4 God looks down and says....
"Do you do well to be angry?"
Can you imagine how speechless Jonah might have been? Evidently he was, because the next few verses say that he walked out of the city and "built a booth for himself." Is that the equivalent of sitting in the corner and pouting? Our God does have a sense of humor, as evidenced here. So next time I make one of my kids mad I'm gonna look at them and say, does it do you well to be angry?
This could go either way. When James gets angry or frustrated: "Does it do you well to be angry?"
Or even for me: "Does it do you well to be angry, Talia?"
Thank you Lord, for such a short but instructional snippet of wisdom!

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