Bedtime Battle

This is what I go through, oh, every night.

Put kids to bed, sing a couple of songs, good night, love you, blah blah blah.....
Go to my room, start nightly Bible study lesson.....
Lily: "Mom!"
-no reply-
-still no reply-
-nothing- -plop, clunk clunk clunk-
Arrival of darling angel at my doorway: "Mom! I was calling you!!"
"It's time to go to sleep, what do you need?"
"Caleb wants a raspberry!"
"He can have one tomorrow, go to bed."
"But he will cry and I don't like that I get scared!"
"Just ignore him. Go to bed!"
-Caleb starts fake crying-
"See mom? Just get him one raspberry, please!"
"No! It's bedtime! Go to bed!"
"But... but.... he will make me cry!" -starts fake crying-
"I'm gonna about to with something... yeah!"
-sniff- "What?"
"Nothing. Go to bed now, both of you." -now he is up too-
WWAAHHH -stomp stomp stomp-
-quiet talking, something about watching a movie, eating raspberries and drinking chocolate milk in the morning-
-sigh, put Bible lesson away-
-crawl under covers-
-plop, clunk clunk clunk-
"Mom! Caleb wants... no, that's not it...."
-laughing from me and Taryn-
"Stop laughing at me! Waahhh!"
Taryn: "Lily, what do you want? You need to go to bed!"
"I I I I I I I I I I I'm hungry."
-here comes the other one-
"You should have eaten dinner like you were supposed to. Now go to bed."
"But but but but but....."
"No buts now go to bed guys!"
"But... Can we have a banana? Please"
"One, two, THREE..."
"But, what about one banana?"
"Okay, okay! Waaahhh!"
-back to their rooms-
-put pillow over my head-
-both come back to doorway-
Taryn: "Lilith! What do you need?"
"I just want to tell you something this quick." (makes slashing motion through air)
"There's nothing you can tell me that quick."
"Yes, very quickly I can tell you!"
"If it's about a raspberry or a banana, we don't want to hear it."
-muffled laughter from under the covers-
"But, but.... We're hungry!"
"Then go get a frikin banana! Just one that you can share!"
-leaves, comes back with two bananas-
"I said one didn't I? You never listen to me."
-pause- "Yeah."
-more muffled laughter-
-kids eat half banana- smack smack smack smack
-kids hand out banana kisses and hugs, retreat to room-
"Uh.... I forgot."
"Good night Lilith."

****Notes From Mom****

You want a quick remedy? "First one I see or hear gets a spanking!" Then do it. You turned out okay..... (Luv, Mom)

That may be why I twitch at night.....

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