We're Rich!!!

Okay. First, since James has been deployed, we're supposed to be getting about $225 a month in hostile fire pay. In the 12 months he's been gone we've gotten, oh let's say five months. Second, he was promoted in December, so there's more money the army owes us. Third, he just reenlisted for three years, so there's another nice chunk of cash they owe us. So every day I go online to check for a new Leave and Earnings Statement, the military equivilant of a check stub. AND TODAY THERE WAS A NEW ONE!! Oh boy! So I hurriedly click and click to see how rich we are and BAM! Here's what I see:

It's a little blurry, but I think you can still make out that it says on January 24th they will deposit.... nothing. Thanks guys! After almost 14 months of screwed up pay at least y'all are trying to crank out something!

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