How Super Is Your Toilet?

Is your toilet good? I mean, really good? Can it handle not only the day to day poop, but also the not so ordinary events? To find out, I've compiled a simple test for you......

1. Unroll one roll of Charmin super ultra comfy toilet tissue. Place in toilet. Flush.
Went down ok? Give yourself 20 points and move on.
Water level rose dangerously close to overflow but then went down ok? Give yourself 10 points and move on.
Standing ankle-deep in water? HA HA HA! Lightweight! 0 points.

2. Pick two ratty dish rags. Flush one right after the other.
Still hanging on? 20 points.
Almost ran for the towels? 10 points.
Already out of towels? 0 points.

3. Eight Magnetix pieces and five Legos. Drop and flush.
Feeling confident, huh? 20 points.
Heart fluttered, 10 points.
Ran for mop immediatley, 0 points.

4. Four crayons and three super plus tampons, whole, not broken up!
Cheering your toilet on, 20 points.
Pleading for everything to go down, 10 points.
Why are you still trying? 0 points.

5. And now the grand finale.... tell your 2 year old to go get an object, any object, and flush it. No "pre-approving" of objects!
Didn't even gurgle, 20 points.
Made an odd noise, 10 points.
Exploded, 0 points.

Add up your points.....
100: Perfect score!! You have a super toilet!
90-50: You're doing good! Keep it up!
40-0: Keep experimenting, you'll get there!

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