Christmas 2006

Well another Christmas has come and gone, and I'm still alive! Sorry it's taken so long, but here's the run-down of new brain screamer toys:

From Granny: Legos. 80 pieces. But they are big sized and they did come in a bag, so I guess they're ok. Also three guns, two pistols and one shotgun, complete with gun belt and bullets. We've been killing pretend birds since the 25th.

From Nana and Paw Paw: Dora's Enchanted Castle with six rooms, each with no less than five pieces of furniture each. Every room also comes with it's own magic wand, to make something in that room perform some enchanted trick. So there's 36 more pieces, plus Princess Dora, Duke Boots, Queen Mami, Sir Tico and Lady Isa.
Also, Diego's Animal Rescue Treehouse. This comes with a helicopter and a bazillion animals to rescue, and a car with a trailer to carry said animals in, and the ever necessary doll figures.
Oh, I almost forgot! Makeup!! Goopy lip gloss, creamy icky eye shadow, permanent blue nail polish and glitter. Three vials of glitter. Caleb sure looks pretty!

From Paw Paw and Grammy: My heart literally skipped a beat when they unwrapped that Lite Brite. Yes, they still make those and yes, they still come with two thousand teeny tiny colored pegs. It was fun for about, oh, 48 hours. Now it's a "special time" toy.
Next up are the Magnetix, which are magnetic colored pieces with small steel balls. They're kinda like Legos. Those were fun until I found a few in Caleb's diaper. Not through-the-chute in the diaper, but in there none the less. I guess he doesn't want to wait for puberty. (Which brings me to a funny thing that happened today. I caught Caleb being "hands on" with his "part" today. When I told him to put it away he said "But I like it!" Also, yesterday at bath time I caught him with his parts in a Play Doh can.)

I can only blame myself for buying the Play Doh Creativity Table, knowing how anal I am about KEEPING THE DARN COLORS SEPERATE!!

From Aunt Judy: A floor mat layout of roads and train stations and stuff for him to run his cars all over. I liked this present until the kids flipped it over and started picking the foam backing off. Kids just can't take things at face value, no, they have to flip it over and see how it ticks.

All in all, we had a good Christmas. (Where's that bottle of wine?) And the Christmas tree actually made it to the 27th before I couldn't stand it any more.

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